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This is an ‘html-only’ version of Scribblings with no database behind it. This means it is not possible to search it. I am working on a new version with which I am hoping to eventually put back into the main site. The new version is here but please note that there is no link directly back to the main site.

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Friday, 24th July 2015

Jeremy Corbyn’s bid for the Labour leadership

I do wish people would listen to what Corbyn is really saying rather than what most of the press say he is saying. Corbyn is talking about what he believes in and most of it makes a lot of sense. He has been saying it for years. Perhaps it’s time people started listening instead of sitting on their arses and saying ‘I’m alright, I’ve got the X Factor to watch’. (…)

Posted 24 July 2015, 22:31

Read Jeremy Corbyn’s bid for the Labour leadership

Sunday, 12th October 2014

New Boots

I just bought me a pair of new boots after my usual walk-around shoes started leaking. Non-fixable but then the shoes were on their last legs anyway. A friend in Peckham has a Clarks factory outlet nearby so I went there and got a nice pair for forty quid. I am now learning how to wear boots again after decades wearing trainers. So far I have learned to wear two pairs of socks until the lower legs above the ankles gets used to things. Other than that they’re very comfy and the right-footed boot accommodates, (…)

Posted 12 October 2014, 17:47

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Thursday, 2nd October 2014

Moazzam Begg

Moazzam Begg has been mistreated by the establishment over the past decade or more. That establishment needs to come clean and explain itself. Beggs has serious questions which need answering.

Posted 2 October 2014, 23:25

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Saturday, 28th December 2013

Diversity can be the spice of life

Excellent news that at least 72% of 35-44 year olds are not racist, unthinking bigots. Now let’s hope the popular press and the pub pundits stop spreading their grossly exaggerated claims that Bulgarians and Romanians are about to flood into the UK come the New Year in order to live on our poxy benefits. I’m sure a tiny number will do just that but the overwhelming majority will come here to work, settle in for a while at least and learn English. (…)

Posted 28 December 2013, 20:29

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Wednesday, 15th May 2013

Arguing with my phone

I have been playing around with Google Now’s voice interface. I once managed to tell it to ‘Meet Henry next Wednesday at 1pm until 4pm’ and it offered to put it in the calendar. Excellent. Trouble is that it now insists that the self-same words mean ‘Dick Henry…’ (which I really don’t want to do) or ‘Mint Henry…’. So I am now sitting here arguing with my phone. Which is either a sign of Being in the Future or one of rapidly developing senility.

Posted 15 May 2013, 11:04

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Sunday, 24th March 2013

One to watch

I’ve seen extracts from this 2009 film, from the New York Times, but never watched it the whole way through until today. The film follows Malala Yousafzai and her family as they leave their home for three months and then return to find the town destroyed. (…)

Posted 24 March 2013, 11:01

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Sunday, 18th November 2012

Sensible thoughts on Palestine and Israel

I think this is perhaps the most sensible piece I’ve read so far on the current situation in Palestine and Israel. The author’s comparison of Israel’s ‘surgical strikes’ with the surgery he knows as a doctor is most apt.

Posted 18 November 2012, 12:14

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Thursday, 15th November 2012

Lesbian mums in Utah

If the values you’re teaching your kids are so fragile that you suspect they might not survive exposure to other peoples’ values then, yes, I suspect that you might feel this way and want to stop your children being aware of the existence of this book.. The people who object to this sort of book really need to examine their own values and perhaps consider getting in touch with their Inner Lesbian.

Posted 15 November 2012, 17:22

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Tuesday, 13th November 2012

Abu Qatada’s Human Rights

Going to be interesting to see the battle between the government and the courts over this man’s extradition. Abu Qatada has been released from a UK prison after having spent most of the last decade inside. He’s never in that time been charged with anything: a situation most UK citizens probably assume only happens abroad. Presumably, if he’s never been charged then there isn’t enough evidence to convict him of anything in a UK court. Assuming he isn’t a mad axe murderer or something, and even mad (…)

Posted 13 November 2012, 22:01

Read Abu Qatada’s Human Rights

Thursday, 10th November 2011

Cynical ban on loud-mouth

The banning of Muslims Against the Crusades (MAC) announced today by the UK Home Secretary, Theresa May, is a cynical, populist attempt to ban free speech by people she simply doesn’t like. The group, led by the loud-mouthed twat Anjem Choudary, has been involved in a number of stunts such as the burning of poppies outside the Albert Hall at this time last year. (…)

Posted 10 November 2011, 20:15

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Saturday, 1st October 2011

End of the World

Next year is looking to be a biggie for End of the World types. With the Mayan calendar coming to the end of one of the long cycles in its mathematics the nutcases will be out in force. Some of them, of course, have already been here for years. Here’s a good overview of the way the Mayan calendar works and why the loonies are wrong.

Posted 1 October 2011, 10:07

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Friday, 30th September 2011

The weather

I don’t normally comment on the weather. It is what it will be. The current warm, no hot!, spell in the UK is exceptional though. I mean 29°C is a silly temperature when tomorrow is the first day of October. It’s perhaps the warmest spell of weather we’ve had all year which is even sillier. I’m also told that it’s the warmest September since the mid-1890s which is something to ponder and may explain why the Sherlock Holmes stories I’m reading at the mo (a snip at 86p as a Kindle download) have a (…)

Posted 30 September 2011, 22:57

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Wednesday, 3rd August 2011

And yet another ‘persecuted’ Christian

These ‘persecuted’ Christians just keep coming. This one is feeling hard done by because the hospital where she works has told her she has to wear trousers while she’s delivering babies. Unfortunately, her Book of Tall Tales and Dubious Morals tells her that that’s against God’s will so she’s decided to take her employers to court. Entirely crackers.

Posted 3 August 2011, 12:12

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Sunday, 12th June 2011

Another ‘persecuted’ Christian

Yet another Christian is arguing that they have been persecuted and sacked just for being a Christian. There seems to be a never ending stream of people claiming to be suffering adversely because of their ‘deeply held beliefs’. (…)

Posted 12 June 2011, 15:49

Read Another ‘persecuted’ Christian

Sunday, 22nd May 2011

Blinded for ‘witchcraft’

More religiously inspired violence and hatred, this time in India and all because the attackers were suffering money and health problems. (…)

Posted 22 May 2011, 17:57

Read Blinded for ‘witchcraft’

An apology

Since moving the site to a new server Scribblings is not as easy to find your way around as it used to be. It used to depend on a script and a database on the server but is currently served as ‘flat html’.

I have some ideas about how to make it a bit easier but they depend on writing another script. I hope to get around to it ‘eventually’.

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