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The text on this site is Copyright © Peter Gaunt, 1995–2019 and is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence except where otherwise noted. Many of the images are protected under the same licence.

A summary of the licence is available. The summary includes a link to the full licence.

If you wish to use any of this site’s content which is covered by the licence in your own work and your use would fall outside the terms of the licence please contact me with details. If I consider your proposed use to be reasonable I may grant you permission to use the work.

The software available for download from this site is not covered by the terms of the licence and has been released into the public domain except where otherwise noted. The terms of use for the software is contained within its documentation.

Mention is made in the license that you must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author. If you use the work I should like it to be attributed to ‘Peter Gaunt’ with a link to the work’s page on this site or, if the work is published in a medium which does not allow links to sites on the Internet (such as the printed page), a clear indication of where the original can be found (for example, its URL)

There are numerous images on this site which have been shamelessly purloined from elsewhere, often without attribution. If you object to my use of your images in this way please contact me.

2nd January 2005
(updated 30 June 2007)

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