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This is an ‘html-only’ version of Scribblings with no database behind it. This means it is not possible to search it. I am working on a new version with which I am hoping to eventually put back into the main site. The new version is here but please note that there is no link directly back to the main site.

Tuesday, 13th November 2012

Abu Qatada’s Human Rights

Going to be interesting to see the battle between the government and the courts over this man’s extradition. Abu Qatada has been released from a UK prison after having spent most of the last decade inside. He’s never in that time been charged with anything: a situation most UK citizens probably assume only happens abroad. Presumably, if he’s never been charged then there isn’t enough evidence to convict him of anything in a UK court. Assuming he isn’t a mad axe murderer or something, and even mad axe murderers have rights, then he shouldn’t be in prison. The man may be an odious bit of shit, which is how he’s portrayed in the press, but I wouldn’t really know about that. All I know is that he’s been in prison for a crime which no one is even sure has even been commited. Human Rights which don’t apply to odious bits of shit aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

Posted 13 November 2012, 22:01
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An apology

Since moving the site to a new server Scribblings is not as easy to find your way around as it used to be. It used to depend on a script and a database on the server but is currently served as ‘flat html’.

I have some ideas about how to make it a bit easier but they depend on writing another script. I hope to get around to it ‘eventually’.

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