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Wednesday, 3rd August 2011

And yet another ‘persecuted’ Christian

These ‘persecuted’ Christians just keep coming. This one is feeling hard done by because the hospital where she works has told her she has to wear trousers while she’s delivering babies. Unfortunately, her Book of Tall Tales and Dubious Morals tells her that that’s against God’s will so she’s decided to take her employers to court. Entirely crackers.

Posted 3 August 2011, 12:12
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An apology

Since moving the site to a new server Scribblings is not as easy to find your way around as it used to be. It used to depend on a script and a database on the server but is currently served as ‘flat html’.

I have some ideas about how to make it a bit easier but they depend on writing another script. I hope to get around to it ‘eventually’.

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