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Please note that this software was written to work with Risc OS 3.7. It may work with later (and earlier) 26-bit versions of OS but is unlikely to work with the 32-bit versions on the Iyonix.

There is nothing I can do about this. My Risc PC died early in 2005 and nothing I have tried will bring it back to life. All the source code is on its hard drive. I probably do have copies on floppies but without access to the machine I cannot read them.

Version 1.19
25th July 1997

There have been a number of versions of Possum available.

Is it worth downloading the latest?

Possum is a simple clock which counts down the time to the next millennium (2000 or 2001 at the time of writing). It attaches itself to one (configurable) corner of the screen and always lives at the bottom of the window stack just above the pinboard.

Possum can be set up to use either the system/desktop font or a variety of ‘fancy’ fonts (info on how to design your own is included in !Possum.Fancy.What?). When the millennium arrives it simply starts to count down to the next one; after all it is a millennium clock…

That’s about it really. A piece of software which really doesn’t do anything of great significance.


If you’re reading this after 06:57:57, 3rd June 2248 then it isn’t worth downloading Possum. This is because the Risc OS clock has run out of centiseconds.

Display fonts

There are extra display fonts available. 12th April 1998.

Please note

The software on this site only runs under Risc OS. It will not run under Windows, DOS or any other PC thingy.

Of course it won’t run under Mac OS, Unix or any other operating system either but then if you use one of these you’ve probably sussed that out already. It seems to be only PC users who have trouble in this respect :-)