Possum display sprites

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Last updated 12 April 1998

From this page you can download extra display fonts for Possum, version 1.14 and later. All the sprite files which I have put together or received from users are available here. Some of these you may already have since they are already included in Possum.

Unpacking the sprites

All the sprite files have been zipped. To use them, unpack them (using Spark for example) and stick them inside !Possum.Fancy.


What you do next depends on which version of Possum you have.

Possum 1.16 and later

Just select Settings from the menu to use the new sprites. The version of Possum on this site is 1.19

Possum 1.14 and 1.15

Load the text file !Possum.Resources.config into an editor and change the line which starts set.ffont: so that it refers to the name of the sprite file you want to use. You should now resave config and restart Possum.

If you forget this you’ll find it repeated at the start of !Possum.Fancy.What? and if you forget that you’ll find it mentioned in the !Help file.

Custom sprites

All of these files are already included in the Possum 1.19 distribution on this site except for those marked with *

Sprites converted from Risc OS fonts

These sprites were all converted from RISC OS fonts (and the system font) in a hi-res 16-grey mode. All are on light grey backgrounds (the same grey as the icon bar background default). All, except the system font, are 12pt. Character spacing is as near as I can manage to get it to the original font.

Use them in exactly the same way as the other Possum fonts. None of them are included with the Possum 1.19 distribution on this site though they work with it (as well as with all versions from 1.14 onwards).

Many of the custom sprites were obtained as GIFs from Digit Mania and then converted to sprites with ChangeFSI.