Possum versions changes

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Possum 1.00

First release. System/desktop font only.

Possum 1.10

Simple ‘fancy’ font option added. This was a fixed size though could be edited in Paint if it didn’t suit your taste. The border was defined in the window template.

Possum 1.11

Bug fix which stopped it going funny when the millennium had arrived.

Possum 1.12

Compensated for drift in the machine’s monotonic time which could mean that the clock was up to one second out (disaster!).

Fancy font altered so that it was slightly smaller.

Possum 1.14

Fixed bug in window which enabled other windows to open behind Possum.

Not now possible to lose it behind the icon bar.

Can now left-pad the day field with zeroes instead of spaces.

When millennium arrives a countdown is started to the next one (instead of a countup from the last one).

Does not now crash on 19th January 2068 (at 03:14:08); will now keep going until sometime in 2106.

Fancy font completely altered. Now made up entirely from sprites in the spritesXX file, including the borders. Displays can now be any size you want (within reason).

Possum 1.15

Entirely altered the way in which it calculates the time left. Will now keep going until 06:57:57 on 3rd June 2248 (when the current RISC OS real time clock runs out of centiseconds).

Possum 1.16

‘Set up’ moved to a separate program (runnable from within Possum) so that in normal use Possum uses less memory.

Fancy font to use can now be set from the ‘Set up’ window. A few more fancy fonts added.

Interactive help on the ‘Set up’ window added.

Possum 1.17

On each update, now sets a system variable to the time left so that it can be read by other programs. Otherwise identical to version 1.16

Possum 1.18

Responds to desktop save messages so that Possum will save a run line in desktop boot files.

Possum 1.19

Identical to Version 1.18 except that the possum$time system variable is unset when Possum closes down. This is useful if you’re running a program which reads this variable since an inaccurate version will no longer be returned if Possum is quit.