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Monday, 6th October 2008

Religion can make you unhinged

Eyes of woman wearing a niqab

If you need proof that religion can lead you to become seriously unhinged you need look no further than the Saudi cleric Sheikh Muhammad al-Habadan who has proposed on the al-Majd satellite channel that women who wear the niqab should expose only one eye instead of both.

The sheikh’s reasoning is, apparently, that exposing both eyes can be seductive and, by implication, drive men crazy. I’d suggest that the problem lies with the men rather than the women but that seems too difficult a concept for these lunatics to get their heads around.

Posted 6 October 2008, 22:31
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An apology

Since moving the site to a new server Scribblings is not as easy to find your way around as it used to be. It used to depend on a script and a database on the server but is currently served as ‘flat html’.

I have some ideas about how to make it a bit easier but they depend on writing another script. I hope to get around to it ‘eventually’.

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