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This page will attempt to calculate the times of sunrise and sunset for any place on Earth for a given date. See the notes for how to fill in the form and current known limitations. The initial location on the form is the place in London where I live (more or less).

Notes about filling in the form




Time zone

Script: 1.38

The sun’s not yellow,
It’s chicken.
Bob Dylan


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If you are on the equator whether you select North or South makes no difference.


If you are on the zero meridian whether you select West or East makes no difference.

Time zone

The time zone should correspond to the place you entered for latitude and longitude. Do not include any daylight saving time in the time zone.

If you want the times to be reported as GMT rather than local time choose +0 hours, 0 minutes as the time zone.

Remember location

If Remember this location is checked when you submit the form the latitude, longitude, time zone and daylight saving time will be stored in a cookie on your computer. If you later return these values will be filled in for you.

Daylight hours

There may be situations which occur close to the poles around the summer solstice which mean that the day length calculation will give silly answers. I think I’ve detected this now so that the problem should not arise.

Nearest city

The program looks for the closest city it can find in a large list of city locations. If the city it finds is less than 50 km away then it will show the city’s name and, if it’s between 5 and 50 km away, it will also show the distance.

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