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Friday, 26th November 2004

Say ‘No’ to ID cards in the UK

NO2ID - Stop ID cards and the database state

If you’re opposed to David Blunkett’s proposed introduction of ID cards why not sign the petition at

No2id is supported by a diverse range of people and organisations; there’s a list on their website. The site also has a good article on why ID cards are not a Good Thing, won’t solve the problems which Blunkett says they will (such as crime and terrorism) and why introducing them will be a bureaucratic nightmare. If you like you can also subscribe to their monthly newsletter.

Definitely a site worth looking at if you’re at all worried about the slow erosion of civil liberties which has happened over the past few years.

Posted 26 November 2004, 23:38
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Since moving the site to a new server Scribblings is not as easy to find your way around as it used to be. It used to depend on a script and a database on the server but is currently served as ‘flat html’.

I have some ideas about how to make it a bit easier but they depend on writing another script. I hope to get around to it ‘eventually’.

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