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Please note that this software was written to work with Risc OS 3.7. It may work with later (and earlier) 26-bit versions of OS but is unlikely to work with the 32-bit versions on the Iyonix.

There is nothing I can do about this. My Risc PC died early in 2005 and nothing I have tried will bring it back to life. All the source code is on its hard drive. I probably do have copies on floppies but without access to the machine I cannot read them.

Version 1.00
3rd August 2001

In the manual for the Iiyama 3815 LCD monitor mention is made of a file called test.bmp to be used for setting the monitor up. The manual says you can get this from the Iiyama website. If you look on the website it isn’t there.

test.bmp is, in fact, included in the driver files which are on the Iiyama website. If you don’t have a PC though you can’t get at them. Even if you can though, and know how to convert BMP files to sprites, you can’t follow the instructions for use exactly because Risc OS’s Icon bar gets in the way.

This little app provides you with test.bmp converted to a sprite and then shows it centred on the screen.

So, all you have to do is to run this app and then follow the instructions in the manual just as if you had test.bmp installed in the way they suggest.

Zebra should work with all current Iiyama LCD monitors up to 1280x1024 so far as I’m aware. It may be useful with other makes of LCD too.

When I used it with my monitor and pressed the Auto button on the front it set everything up, including the colour balance, almost completely correctly. All I had to do was slightly adjust the phase to get rid of some minor flickering. This is all explained in the Iiyama manual.

Please note

The software on this site only runs under Risc OS. It will not run under Windows, DOS or any other PC thingy.

Of course it won’t run under Mac OS, Unix or any other operating system either but then if you use one of these you’ve probably sussed that out already. It seems to be only PC users who have trouble in this respect :-)