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Give thanks to your deity that they’ve gone!
This page is now somewhat superfluous but
I’m leaving it here for old time’s sake.

I could rant on about Tories for hours and hours. I frequently have done.

Suffice it to say for the moment that there is only one good type of Tory and that’s a lavatory.

Flying pig with speech balloon saying 'Same old Tories, same old danger'

Meanwhile, here are two things for which Tories are useful:

'Vote Labour (but please pass on the vomit bucket)

Mind you the Labour Party aren’t an awful lot better these days. How any party which now seems to see Roy Hattersley as a dangerous radical can call itself socialist is a mystery to me.

Above all though remember that whoever you vote for the government always gets elected.

* The Revolution starts next Thursday outside the Post Office. Please remember to bring a packed lunch and an umbrella if it’s raining.

October 1995

I originally wrote this piece of nonsense in October 1995 when the Tory government was still in power as it had been since 1979.

In 1997 when the Labour Party under Tony Blair won the election I left it there but stuck a note at the top.

Somehow it got lost when I moved the site to a new server. Or did I leave it out on purpose? I forget. Who cares?

Anyway, thanks to the WayBack Machine I’ve found it again and restored it to the site. Am I embarrassed by it? Not a bit! My main fear now is that the Labour government will lose so much support that the damned Tories will get back again. Shudder!