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What did you expect a site called Peter Gaunt’s website to be? A site devoted to elephants or the growing of turnips? This is my personal website and, as such, is largely about me & what’s bothering me, the people & things around me, the stuff I come across, the stuff I create and whatever else takes my fancy. There’s a cat around here somewhere too, probably wanting food. Just remember — none of this is my fault.



Due to my normally writing for the site when I’m half asleep, I can’t be held responsible for anything that’s here or, for that matter, where you might end up if you click on any links found herein. For heaven’s sake, you can even find your way to Rolf Harris’ site from here and, possibly, even discover how to wire your vibrator to your Xbox … assuming that you have a vibrator … and an Xbox … and should want to connect one to the other.


This site is guaranteed organically grown and free of all artificial flavourings and colourings. The site is suitable for use by any human over the age of three months. Non-humans or humans under three months of age should consult their parents (or equivalent) before proceeding further. Any injury or damage occuring to anyone or anything due to your use of this site is your own problem.


Your attention is also drawn to the copyright licence, particularly sections 5 & 6. This is just so much blah, blah (in CAPITAL LETTERS too) but tells you in no uncertain terms that I’m not responsible for any damage to you or anyone else which might be caused by your using this site. Such as, for example, having a heart attack if you do end up connecting your vibrator to an Xbox.

The Year 2038 problem

There are only 5227 days or so left until 3:14:08 on 19 January 2038 when all life as we know it will apparently cease, planes will fall from the sky and civilisation will take a rapid step back into the pre-Stone Age.

The Year 3000 problem

There are only around 356572 days left until Year 3000 which, assuming you survive 2038, should leave you with plenty of time to get the washing in and feed the cat.

Location, location!

The Site Control Room is located at 51° 34' 29"N, 0° 7' 2"W (and 69 m above sea level) on a small blue-green planet in one of the less fashionable arms of the Galaxy. Although, I may be lying.

* Of course, due to the rotation of the planet it may not afternoon afternoon in your neck of the woods. This is not something I can do an awful lot about. Tant pis.

Last changed: 26 May 2007

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Please wipe your ambulatory organs before entering this site.

Here the sun rises at 05:54 and sets at 17:48 (GMT)

In order to commit atrocities one must first believe in absurdities.

I’d rather be a rising ape than a falling angel
Terry Pratchett

Edward Snowden is not hiding in this establishment.

Smoking is permitted on this website

Please use the ashtrays