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The Return of the Bicycle Bell

Sunday, 2 May 2004

I wondered why I’ve been hearing other cyclists dinging bells lately but now I find that from 1st May all new bicycles sold in the UK have to be fitted with a bell. Fortunately, there is nothing in the law which says that the bell has to remain on the bike.

Bicycle bells have to be one the silliest inventions ever. If I want someone to be aware that I’m around I just say ‘Beep, beep!’ in a friendly voice. No one has ever been offended by this. Some people even giggle. When I last had a bell, over 20 years ago, people appeared to take it as an aggressive ‘Get out of my way!’ signal which is one reason I got rid of the damned thing.

Posted 2 May 2004, 01:14 BST

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