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Gorgeous views of Saturn

Friday, 30 April 2004

Saturn, 27 March 2004

There are some gorgeous pictures of Saturn from the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft on the Ciclops site at the University of Arizona.

At the moment the pictures are updated weekly though this is likely to change as the craft gets closer. The stunning 29 April picture (which was taken on 27 March) is the last which will show the whole planet in one picture. As the craft gets closer the whole planet simply won’t fit in the frame any longer.

Should be well worth following the mission for the next few weeks. On 18 May the craft enters the Saturnian system and will then spend a few weeks making a tour of some of the moons. This will include Titan, the second largest moon in the Solar System, where the team hope to make a movie.

Great stuff :-)

Posted 30 April 2004, 18:38 BST

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