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Tuesday, 27 April 2004

The script which generates these pages is coming along quite nicely now.

For basic stuff, like this, I can still just type into a form without having to add any tags which is kind of nice (and quite novel for me). If I want I can add tags for stuff like emphasis and links. I can also include images, bulleted lists, number lists, blockquotes and sub-headings all by entering pretty minimal tags.

It’s not as flexible as full blown, completely marked up HTML but it is pretty easy to use and what gets sent to your browser is still, so far at least, valid XHTML and bugs permitting1 it’ll continue to be so.

I need to thank my friend Chris Sansom for holding my hand over SQL queries and for getting me over a rough patch by helping me with some regular expressions which I just couldn’t get my head around.

1 There are bound to be some around somewhere

Posted 27 April 2004, 22:13 BST

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