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Tracing Diana’s last trip

Monday, 26 April 2004

The British establishment has packed off the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir John Stevens, to Paris to see if he can find out what caused Diana Spencer’s death in 1997.

Cartoon alien

Everyone knows Diana’s death was probably caused by a combination of two or more of drink, drugs and excessive speed. The French investigation found as much and there it would have rested for the likes of most of us. No one in the establishment ever just dies in an accident though, do they? There has to be a cover-up or a conspiracy or possibly the intervention of little green men with antennae on their heads.

I published my views on the death of Diana a couple of days after it happened when the collective insanity was becoming unbearable. Nothing ever really changes does it?

Posted 26 April 2004, 22:18 BST

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