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Jeremy Corbyn’s bid for the Labour leadership

Friday, 24 July 2015

I do wish people would listen to what Corbyn is really saying rather than what most of the press say he is saying. Corbyn is talking about what he believes in and most of it makes a lot of sense. He has been saying it for years. Perhaps it’s time people started listening instead of sitting on their arses and saying ‘I’m alright, I’ve got the X Factor to watch’.

There are people in the UK (yes really there are!) who are up the fucking creek through no fault of their own. Most of these people are in that position because of government policies. Maybe it’s time to change the way we look at our fellow human beans in this country and stop blaming them for their own plight.

Corbyn’s ideas might cost us a small amount of dosh but if that means downgrading your cable subscription from nine zillion channels to eight zillion isn’t that kind of worth it?

Posted 24 July 2015, 22:31 BST

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