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‘Much loved’ church empty. Pardon?

Monday, 25 April 2011

Christopher Booker in the Torygraph bemoans the lack of an Easter service in his ‘much loved’ local church. This is, he says, because the Easter services at three local parishes have been combined into one due to a shortage of churchgoers. It rather strikes me that he’s not thought this through — either the church is ‘much loved’ and is full of worshippers or it’s empty because not enough people want to go there: in which case it can’t be that much loved.

I suppose next he’ll be blaming it all on ‘aggressive secularists’ or some other fictional group of people who he will accuse of undermining the authority of the church and persecuting Christians. Sigh.

Posted 25 April 2011, 16:05 BST

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