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Who does Ratzinger think he is?

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Joseph Ratzinger, whose organisation calls him The Pope, has intervened in the raid made by Belgian police on a meeting of Belgian Catholic bishops. The police were searching for evidence of child sex abuse which, given that a retired Belgian bishop has admitted abusing children before and after taking office, seems quite a reasonable thing for the police to do.

Ratzinger in a Daft Hat

The Pope and various bishops, cardinals and other wearers of Daft Hats have described the detention of the bishops as ‘deplorable’ and ‘unbelievable’. They completely ignore the reason for the raid. They don’t seem to be able to see that sex abuse of children is rather a serious matter. They seem only interested in protecting themselves and their organisation from damage. They suggest, as they’ve been suggesting and demanding for years, that the Church and other religious organisations should be seen as being above the civil law. The grounds for such demands usually boil down to claiming that they themselves are the arbiters of all that is good and that it is impossible to be moral without being religious. Or something like that: I’m tired of trying to articulate it properly.

Ratzinger himself seriously needs to be interviewed about all this. As the self-proclaimed representative of ‘God’ on Earth, or is it the entire Universe, he presumably knows rather a lot about all sorts of loathsome stuff which has been hidden away in the Vatican’s vaults for years, decades and centuries. His organisation stinks and it’s about time there was a serious investigation into its conduct.

Posted 29 June 2010, 00:37 BST

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