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Jesus kidnapped

Friday, 11 July 2008

In what has to be one of the most wonderful examples I have ever come across illustrating the basic insanity of religion a student in Florida has effectively been accused of kidnapping Jesus Christ.1

Webster Cook went to Mass and received the small wafer, known as the Eucharist, which once blessed by a priest is considered to be the body of Christ. Instead of consuming it immediately he took it back to his seat. Unfortunately for Webster, a church leader was watching and fought with him to try to retrieve the wafer from his hand.

Father Miguel Gonzalez, a priest with the Diocese, says that intentionally abusing the wafer is considered a mortal sin by the Church. He also says that what Webster has done is extremely hurtful and makes a comparison to kidnapping.

The Catholic League’s Bill Donohue is absolutely outraged by all this, compares the kidnapping of the wafer to hate speech and insists that the university should see to it that ‘justice is done’ which he says might even involve expelling Webster.

Religion, at least of the sort that involves belief in sky pixies, really is a form of insanity isn’t it?


Webster has now returned the wafer to the church just before the start of another Mass which was being guarded by armed police officers. It gets more insane all the time, doesn’t it?

Just a thought but you’d rather have thought that Jesus could manage to look after himself, wouldn’t you, what with his dad being the omnipotent Ruler of the Universe and all that.

1 The Jesus and Mo comic has a humorous view of this story.

Posted 11 July 2008, 23:35 BST

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