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Amateur bomb night: nobody hurt

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Following what we are told were attempts at bombing a London nightclub and Glasgow airport recently there has been the usual media madness looking at the crazy people who did these things. Truth is though that no one was hurt, other than one of the so-called bombers who set himself alight on purpose, and the only comments which I’ve seen by anyone who knows anything much about bombs says that the bombs wouldn’t have amounted to much in any case if they had gone off. The guys who appear to have made these devices seem to be nothing but amateurs which is mighty strange considering that they appear to be pretty well educated.

Why have the newspapers given acres of space to these events other than, possibly, to give the government yet further excuses to attempt to introduce stuff such as 90-day detention without trial which, oddly enough, is just what they’ve already have said they want to do? I smell a rat somewhere.

Posted 3 July 2007, 19:32 BST

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