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Monday, 26 March 2007

Not that I’d recommend having one but if you have to have an angioplasty1 then do try to make sure you’re as awake as possible when you have it. It’s not exactly a pleasant experience, although it’s not a painful one, but it is absolutely fascinating. The team which did mine, at the London Chest Hospital last Thursday, more or less allowed me to choose my own level of sedation. They gave me a shot of valium then asked me if I wanted some more a couple of times. I accepted a second shot but not a third. The result was that I was awake enough to talk to the team and watch the procedure on the double screen they were using. I was absolutely terrified beforehand but once I’d had the valium and the procedure had started I became so engrossed that all that remained was a slight worry. Thanks for the good work guys. I’m sorry if my chattering drove you nuts.

Someone remind me too to upload one or two of the pictures from the CT scan I had done of my heart a couple of weeks ago.

1 It’s a procedure where a catheter is put into an artery in either your groin or your wrist and guided up to your cardiac arteries where a tiny balloon is inflated to open up a blockage. In my case they also left a couple of metal tubes called ‘stents’ in place to keep the artery open. I’d already had one done when I had my heart attack in December but remember very little about it probably because I was out of my head on morphine.

Posted 26 March 2007, 22:36 BST

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