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Get out of my head

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

There appears to be a stranger inhabiting my head while I sit in the background watching him pull the strings. The stranger seems to have taken up residence soon after I had my heart attack in December. He’s terribly sensible in that he won’t let me smoke and tries to ensure that I eat a reasonable diet (at least one which is much more reasonable than what I used to eat).

Trouble is that I’m not sure that I like this person too much. Aside from being sensible he’s also horribly boring having, so far as I can see, no interests other than keeping alive the body which we both inhabit. I can do little to stop him. It’s all most peculiar and I wish I could persuade him to either go away or at least cool it a bit.

Posted 27 February 2007, 21:02 GMT

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