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Pointless and illegitimate execution

Friday, 29 December 2006

I should like to add my voice to those protesting about the imminent execution of Saddam Hussein, the former president of Iraq. I do not believe in the death penalty under any circumstances but Saddam’s execution is particularly illegitimate following, as it does, the illegal invasion of his country and the farce of his trial.

The execution, by the puppet government, is nothing more than revenge for his awful behaviour while he was president. Revenge is not justice. The desire for revenge is understandable but is precisely the reason why civilised countries do not permit the victims of crimes to administer the trial and punishment of the perpetrators.

We must not forget that the specific incident for which Saddam was convicted could not have occurred if he had not been supplied with the means to do it by the United States and its allies.

Posted 29 December 2006, 23:56 GMT

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