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Friday, 15 September 2006

A couple of weeks ago I moved this site to a new server. For the past two or three years it’s been living on one of WebFusion’s shared servers which has served me pretty well.

Pipex, who now own WebFusion, keep dropping hints that they’re eventually going to move me to their new ‘improved’ platform. So far as I can see though, in most respects the new platform is something of a downgrade if the experience of a friend is anything to go by. It seems to me that on the new platform I’d have less control over the way things worked than on the old platform. I didn’t like that idea one bit and after a lot of dithering over a number of weeks I decided to transfer the site to one of Pipex’s Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

The move to a VPS gives me, in most respects, a server all to myself. It’s running, through the magic of virtualisation, on a single machine along with the gods know how many other VPSs although it looks, to most intents and purposes, as if I have a server all to myself which means I have almost total control over how it works (or doesn’t work if I mess things up). It has its downsides too — if I do mess things up I’m almost wholly responsible for putting the thing right again and only time will tell if I can cope with that.

I’ve initially only bought a couple of months on the new server to see how things go. I still have the old server until the end of December and so can, if everything falls down in a wobbly heap, move everything back again. I hope I don’t have to do that of course. If the site completely vanishes and email starts bouncing it probably means I’ve cocked something up and am trying to get everything back again. Bear with me for a while…

Posted 15 September 2006, 23:13 BST

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