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What am I listening to?

Monday, 31 July 2006

If you’re vaguely interested in what sort of music I listen to I’ve installed a script on my site which will show what I’m listening to right now in iTunes or what I last listened to if I’m not listening to anything just at the moment.

In the interests of keeping the data transfers small the page is only minimally styled at the moment. That’s just another way of saying that isn’t particularly pretty. Getting this to work has involved some pretty bizarre programming partly due to the inadequacies of the Mac version of the iTunes plug-in I’m using. The page is not always able to work out quite what’s going on but generally speaking it works OK.

The page attempts to refresh itself when it reckons a new track should have started or periodically if it reckons I wasn’t listening to anything the last time it checked. I’d suggest opening it in a separate window.

All pretty trivial and probably just done to inflate my ego but, hey, it was quite fun and a bit of a challenge to write.

Posted 31 July 2006, 23:50 BST

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