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A suggestion for the Israelis

Sunday, 23 July 2006

I have a suggestion for the Israeli government: why don’t you go and bomb one of your own cities? That might give you some idea of the difference between having a few rockets fired at you (admittedly not very nice) and extensive bombing of cities in other countries. I’d suggest starting on somewhere like Tel Aviv.

Sorry guys but your actions at the moment are just completely despicable, just as they have been for large parts of the past 60 years. Why is it that you seem to assume that no one has any right to defend themselves other than yourselves? Why is it that it’s OK for you to hold hundreds, if not thousands, of citizens from neighbouring countries in your jails without trial but when someone captures one or two of your soldiers you react like a disturbed wasps’ nest?

Your country makes me sick. My country making excuses for yours makes me even sicker.

Posted 23 July 2006, 09:59 BST

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