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Vicious Russian squirrels

Saturday, 3 December 2005

Cold-blooded killer
Drawing of a squirrel

I’m not at all sure that I believe this but the BBC1 has a story about a gang of squirrels attacking a barking dog, killing it and running off with bits of its flesh2.

The incident is said to have happened in the village of Lazo in the far east of Russia near to the border with China. Some of the locals are blaming the attack on a shortage of pine cones. Scientists are said to be sceptical although whether they doubt the entire story or just the shortage of pine cones explanation isn’t entirely clear.

I think I’d best keep a wary eye on the squirrels in the parks on my way to work. The dogs are bad but the idea of being knocked off my bike by a hoard of rampaging squirrels just doesn’t bear thinking about — the insurance company would probably never believe me for one thing.

1 There’s a fuller version of this story in Pravda

2 Most likely its nuts, I imagine :-)

Posted 3 December 2005, 19:07 GMT

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