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Sunday, 18 September 2005

Ye gods, it’s weeks since I last wrote anything in this weblog. I seem to have been in a state of hibernation for most of the summer which is weird considering that hibernating animals usually take their long sleep during the winter. I’ve been awake and, in fact, quite busy but a large part of what passes for my brain has been running on some sort of auto-pilot making sure that I’ve been doing the mundane things like eating, sleeping, washing and going to work.

I can feel myself getting back to something approaching normality now. Sometime pretty soon I’ll probably even wake up enough to write something, other than this, here. Bear with me. I’m not myself, you know. Quite who I am, I’m not sure, but I’m quite definitely not entirely me right now.

Posted 18 September 2005, 22:14 BST

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