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The Lone Bomber Theory

Sunday, 10 July 2005

I’ve come across a couple of London based weblogs which are suggesting that the bombings in London last Thursday may well have been committed by just one, or possibly, two people.

Hugh Fraser at Paddington Blogger originally suggested that all three bombs may all have been planted by the same person but now appears to think there may have been two people who may have travelled into Kings Cross mainline station from outside London. The police later revealed that all three train bombs had gone off within a few seconds of each other which fits Hugh’s idea even better. Dustbinman is sticking with the lone bomber theory.

Both ideas are, to my eyes, entirely plausible and are both based on the observation that all three trains had passed through Kings Cross station about 10 minutes after each other while the bus had passed through there 10 to 15 minutes later.

Geraldine, from Mad Musings of Me, reminds us of the incompetent IRA bomber whose bomb went off accidentally on The Strand some years ago. The number 30 bus which blew up in Tavistock Square doesn’t normally go that way. Perhaps the bomber intended to head off along the bus’ normal route through Euston to Marble Arch and Oxford Street. There were reports last Thursday of a man being seen in an agitated state on the bus fiddling with something in his bag. Perhaps it was the bomber trying to stop his bomb going off, or change its timer, once he realised the bus was going the wrong way.

Who knows really? In the absence of anything more concrete from the cops the rest of us can’t do anything other than speculate.

Posted 10 July 2005, 21:58 BST

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