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Saturday, 18 June 2005

I’ve not posted anything here since the beginning of May, six weeks ago. This is because my life has been rather dominated by something about which I am unable to write. I’ve been unable to write not because I haven’t wanted to1 but because doing so would almost certainly have inflamed the situation and would probably have got me into an awful lot of bother.

The Something is nothing terrible2 and is, in fact, rather trivial in many ways. If both myself and the other parties concerned had handled it better it wouldn’t even have become an issue3. Perhaps, one day, I can publish details here but until I get permission to do so I’d rather steer clear of the whole thing.

The issue is still not resolved to my satisfaction although I suspect that the other parties are currently of the opinion that it is resolved to theirs. That may remain the case and it may not. The ultimate resolution may well depend on my spending my entire life’s savings (all 79p of it) on legal advice although obviously I’m rather hoping it doesn’t go that far.

Not being able to write about this is bloody maddening.

1 At times I’ve really wanted to write reams and reams.

2 I’ve not been found guilty of murdering my grandmother or, since both my grandmothers have been dead for many years, anyone else’s grandmother.

3 Some (including myself) might say that I’ve handled this like a complete prat. Others, including myself and many others, might say that the other parties have behaved rather like the small gods in Terry Pratchet’s Discworld novels who, if people stop revering them, fade away into wisps of unsmoke.

Posted 18 June 2005, 03:57 BST

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