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Time Traveller Convention

Wednesday, 4 May 2005


Amal Dorai has set up a meeting for time travellers in Boston on 7th May. He needs all the help he can to get it publicised and is looking for people who can put notes into academic books and carve clay tablets just in case it is rather a long time before time travel is actually invented.

All time travellers are welcome at the convention though they’ll have to prove they’re genuine by bringing along something like a cure for cancer or a cold fusion reactor. I would have thought a working time machine would also be pretty convincing proof. Non-time travellers are also welcome and you’re not to worry if you can’t make it; all you have to do is hope that time travel is invented in your lifetime and go later.

Amal points out that the idea for the convention is not new. At least one other convention exists although, due to the current lack of working time machines, none of us can currently attend because it’s already happened.

Posted 4 May 2005, 00:47 BST

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