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Barmy Tories before bedtime

Monday, 12 April 2004

I’m off to bed now (it’s been a long day and half a night) but before I do I thought I’d have a look at the news headlines on the BBC’s news site.

The Tory party has come up with another of its please-the-rich policies on education. Tim Yeo is proposing that schools should no longer be permitted to give admission priority to kids who live nearby.

The reason he appears to be giving for this seems to be that parents find it too expensive to move house in order to be close to ‘good’ schools. Of course, he dresses this up by saying that poorer people will be allowed to bus their kids to schools in ‘better’ neighbourhoods but when it comes down to it what he’s really trying to do is keep the rich happy.

More on this here.

Good night!

Posted 12 April 2004, 03:32 BST

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