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All the colours you have

Wednesday, 16 March 2005

If you’re looking at this on a PC which can display 24-bit colour and have ever wondered what they mean when they tell you it can display 16 777 216 colours you might care to look at David Naylor’s posting. He wondered the same thing and set about creating a graphic with all of them in it.

The graphic is a PNG file which is only about 60k in size. Beware though, when you display it on your screen it’ll take up over 60 megabytes. I don’t advise viewing it in your browser. When I tried that on my four year old 500 MHz G3 iBook with too little memory Firefox took over the whole machine for what seemed like forever1 when I told it to show it full size. Loading into Graphic Converter took less than 10 seconds.

Must have taken David a very long time2 to paint all the dots :-)

1 It was enough time to go and boil the kettle and pour the water onto a teabag.

2 I’ve just worked out (sad, aren’t I?) that if he managed to paint one dot per second it would have taken him almost six and a half months.

Posted 16 March 2005, 23:14 GMT

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