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Truly strange

Friday, 25 February 2005

Mozzying around the web in the past half hour I’ve found a couple of sites which illustrate two entirely different aspects of the human condition.

The first shows just how far the primarily male passion for collecting things can go if you have enough time, money and space. Tony has photos of his collections1 of sometimes huge numbers of items on different themes: keyrings, Magic Roundabout toys, latterns and porcelein whimsie are just a few. His collection of cartoon character toys would probably fill a normal house.

The other site I found explains how to wire a vibrator to an Xbox and bring a whole new level of experience to playing games. The site is rather technical but does have a link to another site where Jane describes how the idea has intoduced a completely new dimension to playing the game Rez with her partner Justin.

The world can sometimes be an even stranger place then we ever imagined it to be.

1 Beware if you’re on dial-up: the page contains a lot of large images

Posted 25 February 2005, 23:22 GMT

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