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Saturday, 12 February 2005

Roadworks sign

I’ve made some changes to the stylesheets on this site and to the order in which the various bits of the page are sent out1. You should only notice the difference if you browse with stylesheets turned off or use a browser which doesn’t grok them. In a modern desktop browser the site should look almost identical to the way it used to.

If the site used to display properly on your browser and now doesn’t perhaps you could let me know. If I get a lot of complaints in the next month then I’ll think about switching it back to the old version which is simply a matter of renaming a couple of files. If I don’t hear anything I intend removing all the old stylesheets and stuff to save space and confusion (mine not yours).

1 In the previous version the main site menu was near the top of the page when viewed without the styles. Now the menu is near the bottom of the page with a link at the top to jump straight there. The link should be invisible in a desktop browser.

I’ve also made a few other minor changes but these should not affect the way the pages are displayed. Unless I’ve made errors somewhere which entirely possible.

Had a Dickens of a job getting the new pages to display properly in Internet Explorer 6 on Windows. The pages displayed just fine in other modern browsers such as Firefox and Opera but IE6 is so old and so broken that I had to retro-fit things to make it work. It now does appear to, at least on the Windows boxes on the network at work.

Posted 12 February 2005, 14:20 GMT

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