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Tsunami aid and GDP

Friday, 7 January 2005

I’ve done an update to the chart I published a couple of days ago showing the aid pledged to the countries affected by the recent tsunami in the Indian Ocean by other countries as a proportion of the latters’ Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Again the chart is based on the figures on the BBC News website (as updated at 19:56 GMT on 6th January) and the table of GDPs on Wikipedia. This time I’ve also included two figures for the European Union (EU): the “EU” value is that for the aid promised by the European Union as a body while the “EU (total)” figure is that promised by the European Commission and the member states combined. The GDP figure for the EU is that found in an article on the EU on Wikipedia.

The same provisos apply to this chart as applied to the previous one and again I’m not trying to score any political points. The aid which has been promised by different countries may not be comparable in this way at all. That from Australia, for example, has been promised over five years with half of it being in the form of bilateral loans. That from other countries may be provided on other bases.

Posted 7 January 2005, 00:25 GMT

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