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Happy New Year

Saturday, 1 January 2005

It seems a little insensitive to wish my readers a Happy New Year less than a week after an enormous tsunami hit the countries around the Indian Ocean killing at least 125 thousand people. However, if every year we were to forgo the seasonal greeting until all the suffering in the world had stopped we’d never be able to wish anyone anything. So, with a slightly heavy heart, I’d like to wish (almost1) everyone a Happy New Year.

1 I exclude from this the usual suspects such as George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and their ilk who appear to spend their entire time thinking up new ways to make most people more miserable while grabbing more and more of the world’s resources for themselves and their cronies. To these, and other such people, I wish an Enlightened New Year in the hope that they might finally grasp just what the problem is.

Posted 1 January 2005, 13:02 GMT

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