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Subservient Blair

Friday, 17 December 2004

I’ve just been having a bit of silly fun with Subservient Blair, an interactive sort-of-movie featuring our very own Tony Blair.

Until you give him a command he stands there smiling, swaying around and rubbing his hands together. Give him a command though and so long as he understands it he’ll obey. He doesn’t appear to like things too rude though: tell him to fuck and he’ll wag his finger at you. Try telling him to Make love instead and see what happens (and who with).

There are a few of these subservient sites around including Subservient President to which there’s a link on Subservient Blair. They’re all based, I think, on the Subservient Chicken idea which is part of a Burger King advertising campaign though no doubt someone will tell me otherwise.

Posted 17 December 2004, 18:59 GMT

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