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Wednesday, 15 December 2004

I’ve added a new facility to the search function on this weblog. It is now possible to search for all articles published in a particular month or on a particular day.

To do this just enter a string of numbers into the search box representing a four digit year, a two digit month and, optionally, a two digit day. So, for example, 200406 will search for articles published in June 2004 while 200406081 will search for articles published on 8 June 2004. If any articles exist then you will be presented with their headings. In the case of the month search this is exactly the same as selecting a month from the Archives list.

If you want to see the article bodies as well as the headings then prefix your string of numbers with body:. So, to see all the articles for 8 June 2004 enter body:20040608. For completeness, head: is also recognised as a prefix.

Update (16 December 14:10)

I’ve changed this again. The weblog is now set up to show only a preview of the articles by default. The new search facilities now take you to the preview instead of the list of headings. An additional prev prefix is now recognised but this is simply for completeness since it does the same as having no prefix.

Update (18 December 15:28)

I’ve made further changes. There are now Previews, Whole articles and Headings only radio buttons under the search box. Select one of these to indicate what level of detail you want when your search results are displayed.

The search for dates, by entering a string of numbers, no longer recognises the body: and head: prefixes. It now recognises only numbers. The new radio buttons should be used instead.

1 This is similar to the ISO 8601 international date format.

Posted 15 December 2004, 12:08 GMT

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