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A Message from Albia

Tuesday, 30 November 2004

Map of Albia?

A Message from Albia is a rather lovely weblog about the imaginary country of Albia which bears a remarkable, if somewhat skewed, resemblance to the UK.

If you pay it a visit I reckon you should start with either the Albia Factbook or the Gazeteer which details the lovely customs, such as bear baiting, and the slightly strange people who inhabit and run the country. The Home Secretary of Albia, a man with the name Fanatik Loon, is described in the Gazetteer thus:

Albia’s Home Secretary. A lifelong member of the Krep Proti and former leader of Ztil’s town council, Mr Loon was once known as a leftwing firebrand but he is now happy to be seen as being somewhat to the right of centre, provided the centre in question is itself somewhat to the right of Genghis Khan. Mr Loon is a man of deep religious faith, which he tries to put into effect in his daily life, such as by his recent attempts to re-introduce stoning as a penalty for minor infringements of the penal code.

There’s loads and loads more stuff like this. Well worth a read during the dark winter nights.

Hey, I’ve just noticed that this is my 100th posting.

Posted 30 November 2004, 21:57 GMT

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