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Oh my god, it’s The Chipmunks

Saturday, 20 November 2004

The Chipmunks

Oh my god, Apple have put a whole heap of Christmas songs by The Chipmunks on the iTunes Music Store. I’d almost forgotten all about The Chipmunks and now they come back to haunt me. All it’s going to take now is the appearance of The Three Billie Goats Gruff, Torchy the Battery Boy along with that clever bit of tape editing the BBC did in the 1950s with a news reader saying silly things about a Walrus Faced Rat and my journey back to Saturday morning breakfasts in my high-chair listening to Uncle Mac on the Light Programme will be completed. It’s possible I may never return. I wish they wouldn’t do things like this. It’s not fair :-)


My memory is a little screwed. The Chipmunks didn’t make their appearance until 1958 when I was probably out of my high-chair (for most meals anyway). I’ve also discovered that they’re still going and, following the normal way of things with fictional cartoon characters, haven’t got any older. They even have a website. Ohmegod!

Posted 20 November 2004, 00:39 GMT

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