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Wednesday, 17 November 2004

Sometimes I have to look at my site using Internet Explorer 6 on one of the Windows boxes on the network at work. I always think it looks like a bit of a dog’s breakfast.

I know why this is but I can’t be bothered to fix it. It’s down to the stylesheets using rules which IE6 doesn’t understand to change the spacing above headings and stuff like that. The site works on IE6 but it doesn’t look as I want it to1.

The design of the site is nothing to write home about anyway. I’m no designer and so I follow the philosophy of Keep It Simple, Stupid. I use Firefox at home and the site looks as it’s meant to on that browser just as it does on Netscape 7, Opera 7.5, Safari, Omniweb, IE5-Mac and just about any other modern browser.

I can’t be assed fiddling around for ever trying to make it look better for just one browser even if it is the most widely used on the planet.

There are other people like me around. There are more of us all the time. Internet Explorer on a PC really is something of a dinosaur. You might find browsing the web becomes more pleasurable using a different browser. Why not give one a try for a while? I’d suggest Firefox but you might prefer something different. Have a look at Browse Happy for some suggestions plus other peoples’ experiences.

1 It may look better on IE7 when Microsoft finally get around to releasing it. It may even look how I want it to. Who knows? With Microsoft’s history of supporting standards in peculiar ways I’m not overly confident… [7 December 2005]

Posted 17 November 2004, 21:33 GMT

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