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Saturday, 30 October 2004

I got back from Istanbul a couple of days ago (more of that later probably when I’ve recovered) and have just found that John Peel, the radio presenter and DJ, died while I wasn’t here.

I’ve been listening to John since he presented his Perfumed Garden show of what we then called ‘underground’ music on the pirate Radio London in the mid-sixties. I’ve always loved his voice and the intelligent attitude he had to the music he played. In recent years I’ve also listened to his Home Truths programme on Radio Four when I’ve been awake early enough on Saturday mornings.

It feels as if one of the long-lasting lights of my life has gone out. I’ll miss him. No doubt the next time I’m away someone like Rolf Harris1 will die. Perhaps I’d best stay at home.

1 I can’t remember a time when there wasn’t a Rolf Harris

Posted 30 October 2004, 19:18 BST

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