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Sunday, 19 September 2004

If you like pictures taken from or of space NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day aims to give you a daily picture. The pictures are archived back to June 1995 so it doesn’t look as if the site’s going to disappear any day soon.

Eclipse of August 1999
The eclipse of August 1999

There are two versions of some of the pictures. The screen on which you first view a picture shows a small version which you can then select to view a larger version. The larger versions, if they’re available, are often very detailed and can be printed out at a decent size with high resolution. Unless you have a fast connection you’ll find yourself waiting a long time for the picture to download since some of them are a megabyte or more in size.

Of the recent pictures I particularly liked the one of Hurricane Ivan taken from the International Space Station. The detail on the larger version of this is pretty impressive and looks just lovely when printed on A4 glossy photo paper.

Posted 19 September 2004, 13:25 BST

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