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There, there

Wednesday, 30 June 2004

The mind is a very strange space or so it seems to me just at the moment. I know the anxiety attacks which are driving me crazy are silly but I don’t feel they’re silly. I also know that the doom and gloom I feel when I’m not feeling anxious is largely unfounded but it doesn’t feel that way. I suppose this is all down to the way our brains have evolved; the emotions are produced at a much more primitive level than the knowledge. There is no real connection between the two which produces conflict.

I have a friend who assures me that it’s fine to phone her when I’m feeling anxious. I believe her completely. I do know though that if it was me phoning me I’d eventually think twice about answering the phone. On the other hand if it was her phoning me with the same problem I wouldn’t feel like that. I’d want to help. So, that’s all right then.

What I really need, I think, is a mummy to pat me on the head and say “There, there”.

Posted 30 June 2004, 21:22 BST

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