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The Man on the Roof

Saturday, 19 June 2004

The helicopter came back again making its horrendous din. This time though even I could see it was doing something useful. Just around the corner there was a man on the roof of a terrace of houses and a crowd of people standing around gawping. So, I thought I’d go and gawp with them.

Besides the gawping crowd there were also a bunch of cops who were later joined by a fire engine and an ambulance. I asked one of the cops what was going on and was told that the man had broken into one of the houses at the end of the terrace and had been using the roofs and the internal spaces to make his way from house to house.

The cops appeared to be playing the game of waiting until the man got bored and worked out that he really wasn’t going anywhere. They knew who he was and said he’d done it before. We gawpers reckoned he probably wasn’t very bright. Eventually they brought along someone we guessed was his mum who went round the back. Soon after that the man emerged handcuffed and was put in a van and driven away.

All quite exciting really and certainly better than watching the TV. I guess if this had been the USA instead of England there would have been a good chance that they’d have sent in the heavy mob and possibly shot him.

Posted 19 June 2004, 20:06 BST

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