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Drowning in spam

Tuesday, 15 June 2004

Help! I’m suddenly drowning in spam.

Until yesterday I’ve been quite lucky on the spam front. I’ve “only” been getting between 10 and 20 spam emails a day. Some people I know get hundreds. No longer. Since yesterday afternoon I’ve been getting between 50 and 100 an hour. All of the new stuff appears to be a virus attempting to spread itself. The subject lines all claim I “have voicemail” or that someone has “left me an ecard”. There’s always a disguised .pif attachment which I assume is a virus, a trojan or a worm which couldn’t infect me anyhow since I’m on a Mac. It appears that the things are coming via one of those networks of zombified Windoze boxes which have sprung up around the planet. The stuff is not being injected into the general email network either: it’s connecting directly to my SMTP server.

Fortunately, so far it’s been fairly easy to get rid of since all of it has one of two names in the ‘From’ line. Initially there was only one name but during the afternoon another one joined in. So long as it stays this way it’s pretty easy to filter out.

The people who write this stuff are complete fucking bastards so far as I’m concerned. I’m sick of the juvenile games they play with each other at the expense of the rest of us. If I were some Colonel Blimp character I’d propose hanging them from lamp-posts by their bollocks.

Posted 15 June 2004, 23:35 BST

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