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The helicopter is back

Saturday, 5 June 2004

The police helicopter has been back and it was noisier than ever and still not doing anything in particular.

Cartoon of a yellow helicopter

The damned thing came and hovered over the covered reservoir for 15 minutes this afternoon at a height of maybe 50 metres. There was no one on the reservoir for it to look at. It just seemed to be hovering there.

After it had hovered there for a while it came and hovered over our block of flats for a while longer. There was no one on the roof (I checked) so what was it doing there?

The other night it hovered over the reservoir at about 3am. This time it had its dinky searchlight on which it kept beamed on one of the hatches which the men in space suits use to get down to the water. After a while it stopped hovering and flew round and round in circles while keeping its searchlight on the hatch. Again, there was no one on the reservoir (not even the men in space suits).

What do the people who fly this thing think they’re doing? Have the local cops got something against the residents of Stroud Green that has made them decide to drive us all slowly round the bend?

I think perhaps it’s time to check eBay for people selling surface to air missiles :-)

Posted 5 June 2004, 15:47 BST

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